Analyzing my design process

Analyzing my design process

Throughout the past couple of years in the graphic design program I’m enrolled in, I’ve learned a bit about different design processes that my professors have grown to love. I figured it’d help a bit to see how my design process has evolved because of their influences.

During my junior year, I met one of my two largest influencers on my design process; Randall Hoyt. What really stood out the most about his teaching? He constantly asked “What is it’s purpose?” about almost every element of my work. This began one of the longest but beneficial journeys at Keene State College, conceptual design. On top of that, he was the first challenging professor I’d really had, he brought forward homework assignments of sketching 50 thumbnails and drafting processes that lasted weeks until everything was perfect.

When Spring rolled around, I met Rebecca Davis-Kelly. This class was another challenge but worthwhile, it was the start of finding a design process that helped create fun concepts that are far from my daily life. I’ve been taking classes taught by her since that semester because it was worth the challenge. With a 21 stage research process that usually totals up to around 50 pages, you end up with more than enough ideas to really pick something awesome.

My design process is a quicker extracted version of the combination of both of those now. I start on paper and brainstorm some words that could go with the topic on hand. I find a word I like and take it to paper to build words off of that word. Usually, the next day a cool idea pops into my head in the shower (weird, right?) and I that new concept and run with it until it is something that’d turn someone’s head.

After the concept is done, it’s time to brainstorm some designs. Quick sketches rule out bad ideas but it really helps when you have an image in your mind that you want to push. After a round or two of sketches I usually find something that I can work with. I take it onto the computer and revise, revise, revise!

What’s your process like?

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Posted on February 23rd 2015