Time is Running Out

25 Thoughts of a Final Semester Design Student

Before you read these: A lot of this sounds like I’m complaining and unappreciative but a lot of it is based out of fear and regret. As a senior design student, I’ve started to look back and see that I could’ve done so much more while also being happy with a lot of the decisions I made.

  1. Shit, I’m graduating in four months?!
  2. Ok, I know where I want to live…but I need to find a way to afford it. So much for that moment of tranquility.
  3. Why is finding your workplace like going on a bunch of first dates?
  4. Why am I stressed, I have four months to deal with this.
  5. Crap, my portfolio needs so much work.
  6. Why wasn’t I designing UIs freshman year?
  7. I should’ve never wasted my time playing Call of Duty sophomore year..
  8. What if I get hired and hate my job?
  9. Is anyone ever going to read the letter of recommendation my boss spent his time writing?
  10. Wait, do I know enough to be a front-end developer?
  11. My laptop is failing again?! Are you kidding me?!
  12. At least it isn’t finals yet…
  13. I wonder what agencies want in a college grad
  14. Will the newspapers website server crash this week? Eh, probably at the least convenient time…
  15. What if I get offered a job somewhere I know I wouldn’t be happy?
  16. At least if I freelance I could work from bed…
  17. If I freelance will I get enough work?
  18. Does anyone even read my blog?
  19. Is it hurting me to be myself around potential employers?
  20. I wish I spent more time designing this website
  21. Should probably start saving up for my security deposit on my next place…
  22. Oh, its tax season and I owe money?
  23. Another foot of snow? Bring it on mother nature.
  24. Interviewing but my leave behind isn’t done? Great…
  25. Oh, you want help but you can’t pay me? I’ll add you to my calendar. I’m available on 5/9.

P.S. Thank you for reading!

Posted on February 1st 2015