Workplace Wish List

Workplace Wish List

Over the last couple weeks, I began applying around, primarily to agencies and I’ve been doing my research. A workplace is only as good as it’s employees. Their attitudes and personalities develop the culture of the brand. Hopefully my future employer has goals similar to mine for their workplace.

  1. Encourage employees to learn about things they don’t know much about and challenge them
  2. I love to learn and understand that a lot of tasks need to be repeated from client to client, it doesn’t hurt to mix it up every now and then and learn something new.

  3. Celebrate when the team completes a large project and recognize when people are going above and beyond
  4. The most motivating experience I’ve ever had was the day Taste for Life’s new website finally went online and celebrating it with all of my co-workers. It also certainly felt great to receive how much credit I did in the email that got sent to the CEO by the CCO regarding it.

  5. Build relationships outside of the workplace and encourage healthy lifestyles
  6. I like to know the people I work with and become friends with them. It’s nice to go out to celebrate birthdays, help each other move, and even get each other Christmas gifts.

  7. Create realistic deadlines that leave enough time for perfection
  8. My design professors have always said that nothing is ever finished. I agree with that statement but I’d like to create a fantastic end result for any client.

  9. Encourage a creative process with plenty of brainstorming
  10. Why create something if it doesn’t serve it’s purpose? Let’s make something fantastic that is conceptual.

Posted on January 20th 2015