What I learned from this website

What I learned while building this website

I’ve always found it useful to reflect on what I’m getting out of every experience. This was one of the most structured web projects I’ve ever done so this list is going to reflect on what changed in my design process while doing it.

  1. Learned to wireframe and plan the structure of the page and category templates prior to diving into the code.
  2. Compared to how some of my previous projects have gone, it was a nice change to sit down and actually think through what I wanted to do. While some aspects of this site may seem trendy, it was probably chosen to be that way because it is effective.

  3. Took advantage of resources to learn.
  4. While there are always the shortcuts of just searching for the code snippet you need to make something work, especially with WordPress, it was really interesting to look at the WordPress template files and see exactly how each played a part in the template’s functionality.

  5. Found time effective solutions to problems.
  6. With most coding projects, especially in a new CMS, a developer is bound to run into a problem or two. WordPress has a plugin for virtually anything and a few were really effective for handling issues such as my problems displaying ellipses after the post excerpts.

  7. Kept a structured CSS document.
  8. This one is something anyone coding should be doing. Being able to jump back to any given section of your code at any given time is extremely beneficial and will help cut down the time spent styling significantly.

  9. Kept the project on my mind at all times.
  10. This happens to me with projects I find challenging, constantly thinking of ways to solve problems that I’m coming across. If there isn’t an easy solution, I put it on a to-do list and come back to it later when I’ve thought of something that will work.

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Posted on January 12th 2015